Devine Dentistry provides a broad range of services to handle almost every dental need

Devine Dentistry uses advanced technology to be able to give our patients the best possible care. The following are some of the technologies we provide:

Digital X-Ray

Devine Dentistry X Ray Service

This technology enables our office to take more accurate x-rays while using 70% less radiation than the traditional method. The image is displayed on a monitor in your room so that you can see what we see. Less radiation is better for everybody.

Digital Smile Enhancement

If you are interested in enhancing your smile, we can show you what improvements can be made without touching your teeth. We take a picture of your smile and discuss what you would like changed. That information is submitted to a website that digitally transforms your smile into the one you have always wanted. You get to see first hand what your new smile can be.

Laser Cavity Detection

Staining is very common in the grooves of teeth. Cavities also commonly start in these same grooves. This laser is designed to safely tell the difference between a stain and a cavity, so there is no guessing.

All Porcelain Fillings

These provide the best of both worlds because they are tooth-colored and long lasting. While tooth-colored plastic fillings look great, they tend to break down and need to be replaced more frequently. Silver (amalgam) fillings last longer but can be unsightly. Porcelain, however, has the ability to match tooth color perfectly, and has the strength to last a long time.

One Appointment Crowns

Isn’t modern technology great?! Devine Dentistry now has the ability to create beautiful all-porcelain crowns and fillings here in our lab. This circumvents the need for impressions, weeks of wearing temporaries, and multiple appointments to complete the treatment. It is all done in one appointment.